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Two-Day Experience at Kingfisher Resort.

Two-Day Experience at Kingfisher Resort.
Kingfisher Resort 

It was a Monday and I had to go on vacation. I knew that the Kingfisher Resort would be the best plug, it was one of the closest in terms of distance from Kigali and that brought so much excitement and ease, knowing that I am not spending long in a bus before I get there.

I booked a public taxi ride from Kigali to the main road that goes to their hotel which took around 50 minutes, but I honestly wanted it to be quicker.


The resort had two different ways of getting there: by boat or land.
I chose crossing the lake with a boat to the hotel and my eyes could wander along the beauty ahead of me.
The journey of 8 minutes was long because I was super excited to finally spend a night there!
When I finally arrived at the destination, it was beautiful! The water lapped against the shoreline and there were trees everywhere.

Trees make it a green place with fresh air

Kingfisher resort is usually crowded along the weekend with big groups and families but people who spend the night seem to be in their own world because they don't get any noise at all from outside restaurants due to their location.
I walked through some gardens and gardens and gardens before reaching my room. It was beautiful!  The rooms were all gorgeous, but mine had a balcony, which was great because i could both sit outside and work in peace. I also had an inside office where i could set up my computer and take care of business while still enjoying the view from my room. The photo below shows how my room looked at night.


The next day, I had a tour of all of the rooms, which was a lot of fun! You can't imagine how many beautiful rooms they have—and each one has its own special features: some have balconies or patios; others have TVs built into mirrors or floors; still others have a jacuzzi in them (which was really cool). There are also all kinds of activities available, including boat rides through the surrounding area and traditional house experiences.

I created memories that will last forever.

I took advantage of more activities like swimming in their pool and kayaking on the lake. And then the sun set on me making the whole evening colorful as I head back to the hotel for dinner!
They can prepare any meal you want and when you can’t decide, the chef will suggest you some of their best dishes which may turn out to be your favorite meal.
After that, I had to go back to my room, and it was late at night.
The staff at Kingfisher is very friendly and helpful—they even gave me some tips on how best to get around without getting lost! Even in the middle of the night, I still mastered the huge place, and it was hard to think that I could leave the next day!
I started planning on my next visit the day I left, and I highly recommend them to families, friends, work colleagues and solo travelers!
You will have fun. I hope by reading this, you will plan to pay them a visit.